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ARCHIVE Applying a Dimension Element

Your Adaptive Planning instance can include custom dimensions, such as products, channels, or customers. You can apply a dimension element to:

  • All columns in your report.
  • Different dimensions to different columns, such as for side-by-side comparisons of different products.

To specify a dimension element for your report:

  1. Open the OfficeConnect report to which you’ve already applied accounts and time elements.
  2. Select the columns to which you will to add a dimension element.
    Select all columns to apply the dimension to the entire report.
  3. Click the Elements tab from the Reporting pane and expand Custom Dimensions.
  4. Drag the selected dimension to the selected columns in the grid.
  1. Click Refresh from the Design group in the OfficeConnect tab.
    Your report data is updated to reflect the dimension element.
    To add a dimension label, see Applying Element Labels.
  2. Select the column and click the Review tab from the Reporting pane to review the dimension metadata on a column.

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