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ARCHIVECopying Worksheets Between Workbooks

You can copy the contents of one OfficeConnect workbook, including its metadata, into another workbook by using the Merge Workbook command.

  1. Prepare the worksheets of the workbook containing the data you want to copy (the source) to another workbook (the Creating a copy of a report for department or groups target). By default, all workbooks start with one worksheet, labeled Design1.
    • To add a worksheet from one workbook to another, the sheet name must be unique between the two workbooks.
    •  To replace a worksheet from one workbook to another, the sheet name must be the same between the two workbooks.
  2. To rename a worksheet, right-click the sheet label. On the shortcut menu that appears, click Rename (shown). Type the new sheet label, and press Enter.

To add or replace a worksheet from one workbook to another:

  1. Open the source workbook, and make sure the worksheet names are as they should be according to whether you are adding or replacing worksheets in the target workbook.

  2. Save this workbook and then open the target workbook into which you want to copy the worksheet.

  3. On the File menu, click OfficeConnect, and then click Merge Workbook.
    The Select Book to Merge dialog box appears.

  4. Browse to the location of the source workbook. Select the workbook name and click Open.
    The Select Sheets to Merge dialog box appears:

  1. In the Select sheets to ADD box, select the check boxes next to the names of the worksheets you want to copy to the target workbook.
    These are the worksheets that have different names from those in the target workbook.

  2. If you want to replace a worksheet in the target workbook with one in the source workbook, in the Select sheets to REPLACE existing sheets box, select its check box.
    The worksheets listed here are those that have the same name between the two workbooks.

  3. Click OK.
    The worksheets are added or replaced from the source to the target as you specified.

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