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Retired Functionality

This post provides a central point of reference for features and functionality retired from Adaptive Insights starting as of 2019.3.  


Features OfficeConnect file extension .xlsxai  is no longer supported
Replacement You can now save the OfficeConnect reporting workbooks as Microsoft Excel workbooks using the standard .xlsx file extension.
Why? OfficeConnect now provides an enhanced experience in Microsoft Excel and supports many of the standard Excel capabilities. The application no longer launches as a separate Excel process. You can just start Excel and log in to OfficeConnect in the same Excel process.  OfficeConnect now persists with other Excel add-ins.
Effective Date After general availability, we will support upgrading the.xlsxai files for up to 12 months.
Notification Date N/A
Action Required Details Upgrade your existing OfficeConnect files to Microsoft Excel files within the 12-month grace period. See Change Impact and Upgrade for OfficeConnect 2019.3.
Workgroup? None
Workgroup Information N/A



rootActuals is no longer supported in the exportVersions API method across all API versions. 

rootActuals indicated whether the root actuals version should be included when actuals are hidden from the version selector. 

Replacement Grant the user permissions to view the Actuals versions instead of hiding them.
Why? With the introduction of access rules, we updated the API to reflect the new functionality. 
Effective Date On release of 2019.3
Notification Date N/A
Action Required Details Remove rootActuals from exportVersions requests and not include it in API scripts in the future. Existing exportVersions API with this setting will return a specific error to help with troubleshooting.
Workgroup? None
Workgroup Information N/A


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