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AWS Migration FAQ

FAQ for the AWS Migration on September 19, 2020.

When is the downtime for this migration and does it apply to all instances?

All Workday Adaptive Planing instances will be unavailable on Saturday, September 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST for this migration. All services including Planning, Discovery, Integration, and OfficeConnect will be unavailable during the migration. 

Will there be any changes after the migration?

Yes, the IP addresses for our authentication servers will change after the migration. See this article for a list of IP addresses that will be in place after the migration

Why have we received multiple notifications related to downtime for AWS migrations?

We have been migrating our Workday Adaptive Planning servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the last two years. We previously contacted you regarding the migration of your data center. The upcoming maintenance on September 19, 2020 is to migrate our authentication servers which are used by the Workday Adaptive Planning login pages and the main Workday Adaptive Planning web services endpoint.

Will the changes affect our instance and can we prepare for the changes before the migration?

Please consult with your IT team as soon as possible to determine if any networking changes will be required for this migration. 

1. Login and APIs

IP addresses for our authentication servers will change after the migration. If your organization restricts access to Workday Adaptive Planning sites by specific IP addresses, please update the IP addresses for our servers for access to the following sites after the migration:


If you or your users have bookmarked a specific server link (i.e.,, the bookmarked link may not work after the migration. We recommend that you bookmark instead of a specific server link as servers are subject to change and the bookmarks can become invalid.

3. Integration Data Agents

Data agents that use any of the legacy v5 agent versions (i.e., version 5.6.27) will not be compatible with AWS servers and will require a configuration change to work after the migration. We recommend following the instructions in the Update Legacy Data Agents article to change the configuration for your existing data agent.

We do not recommend upgrading to a newer data agent version because there are multiple agent components with technical specifications that vary for each version of the Adaptive Data Agent.

How can tell if our instance uses a data agent with a legacy version?

1 From the navigation menu in your instance, select Integration > Design Integrations.

2 Expand the Data Agents section in the Component Library.

3 Select each configured data agent to review the version.

Check Data Agent Version

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