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2017.3 Release Notes: Configure a stream-lined NetSuite Integration, administer data source types, identify source system URIs, specify Microsoft Dynamics GP companies for import for Adaptive Integration.

Simplified User Experience in NetSuite 

Improve Reliability of NetSuite Data Imports
  • The NetSuite-imposed 60-minute timeout no longer cuts off long-running imports.
  • Retry of web service requests will ensure that imports complete successfully.
Improve Adaptive UI within NetSuite

Simplified menus improve visibility of your Adaptive data. Announcement pages are consistent with the main Adaptive home page. Unused vertical space has been trimmed to give you more viewing area.

More Control Over How Integration is Configured 

Streamlined experience for configuring imports through Integration in general, and from NetSuite in particular. Administrators now have access to configuration of Integration data sources and NetSuite options.

Integration and NetSuite Coexistence

Read General Setup, NetSuite Integration Options and Requirements for Drill Through into NetSuite for more details.

Identify Source Systems used by Integration

Easily identify source systems in scripted and Custom Cloud Data Sources (CCDS). Scripted data sources now have a field to identify the system to which scripts connect. Custom Cloud data sources will now require configuring URLs to which the data source can connect.

Integration Source System URIs

Read Setting up a Scripted Data Source and Custom Cloud Data Source for more details.

Specify Microsoft Dynamics GP Companies for Import

The new optional Company Databases field in the Microsoft Dynamics GP data source settings lets you specify the companies you want to import using a semicolon separated list. If you leave this field blank, all companies import.

Integration Microsoft Dynamics GP Companies

Read Setting up a Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Source for more details.

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