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Modeling: Derived Dimension Values on Modeled Sheet Rows

2020R2: Release Notes for Derived Dimension Values on Modeled Sheet Rows. Includes the feature video.

Watch the video: 5m 28s

Derived Dimension Values on Model Sheet Rows

Derived dimension values let you dynamically group data based on user-defined multi-dimensional lookup rules. Dimension values in modeled sheet rows are returned based on your rules.

Derived dimension values help you plan at a high-level with aggregate data, while giving you the flexibility to make adjustments at the individual item level.

Use the dimension mapping dashboard table to view, update, delete, and create dimension value mapping rules. You can also import dimension mappings from a spreadsheet template in model management. 

Small but Noteworthy

Update for sales planning customers that use derived dimensions.

  • Search in dimension mapping tables on dashboards.
  • Dimension mapping tables react to perspective context filters.
  • Move mapping values between rows in your dimension mapping table. 
  • Derived dimensions can now be secured with access rules.
  • Import and export dimension mapping rules and download the template.

Delivery Dates 

Release: 2020-09-11

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