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Modeling: Maintain Shared Formulas

2020R2: Release Note for Maintain Shared Formulas. Includes feature video.

With 2020R2, we deliver more import options that you can use to mass create and edit shared formulas, saving you time and effort. We also improve exported files for greater usability.

Watch the video: 2m 37s

Maintain Shared Formulas


Update and Append Import Option

Release:  2020-09-11

When the level and account match the existing formula, you can use a new Update and Append option that enables you to:

  • Delete shared formulas if you you leave the formula column blank.
  • Replace shared formulas if you enter a new formula.

You can also use the option to add shared formulas when the level and account don't match the existing formula and you enter a formula.

See Import and Export Shared Formulas.

Export to CVS File

Release:  2020-09-11

We now automatically download the formulas a CSV file on your local drive when the rows exceed 1 million. This helps to improve performance by preventing Excel failures.