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OfficeConnect: Ad Hoc Analysis

2020R2: Release Notes for Ad Hoc Analysis in OfficeConnect. Includes feature video.

Watch the video: 4m 25s

Design Integrations with SFTP

We enable you to expand the parent elements in a report, enabling you to view and analyze the underlying child elements in context. You can also now collapse the expanded elements to view the roll-up.
You can now expand and collapse the rows and columns in your reports to see or hide the underlying children for multiple parent elements.

Also, we now enable you to view the details while you maintain the column or row structure and the Excel formulas.

Example: You can expand the Revenue account and the U.S. level to analyze how the subcategories of revenue compare across the different U.S. levels.

Release:  2020-09-11

See Ad Hoc Analysis

Example: Expand Report Elements for Ad Hoc Analysis

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