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Dashboards, Reporting, and OfficeConnect

2019.3 Release Notes for dashboards and charts, reporting, and OfficeConnect.


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Dashboards - What's New 2019.3

We renamed Discovery to Dashboards.

Schedule Snapshots for Automatic Delivery


You can create snapshot schedules of a perspective for recurring delivery.  Recipients are sent a link to the snapshot.

If you are the perspective owner or can edit a shared perspective, you can create, update, or delete snapshot schedules. You can also view:

Snapshot icon A  list of previously sent recurring or one-time snapshots.

Snapshot Schedule icon A list of scheduled snapshots.

Sidebar with View Snapshot icon and View Schedule icon

See these for more information:

Display Text on Dashboards for Guided Assistance and Context


You can add informational text that provides context or guided assistance. For example,  1 use text as a section heading and 2 use text for guided assistance with links to more information.

Text on a dashboard in edit mode with the inline editor

You must be the perspective owner or have shared edit permission to drag and drop a text box anywhere on the dashboard, resize it, and enter text. Use an inline editor to format the text.

See Text on Dashboards for more.

Drill by Accounts 


You can drill down into accounts and better understand the drivers and reasons for values you see in a chart. Drill down by accounts is available for GL, custom, modeled, and cube accounts and sub-accounts.

Drill into Chart Detail by Account

See Analyze Data and Interact with Charts for more.

Chart Enhancements

You've asked and we delivered small but impactful changes that can help you fine-tune your visualizations:

  • Edit and rename headings on scorecards. 
  • Change chart types from the Appearance settings. Switch chart types between chart families. For example, change a line to a bar chart or change a doughnut to a pie chart.
  • Turn off the actuals overlay from displaying on an area, bar, column, or line chart.
  • Select a new format setting to display negative values within parentheses (123). Previously, the only format option was a negative sign.
  • Show or hide a chart in presentation mode using a new Appearance setting. Available for all chart types.


Rollup Function for Matrix Report Calculations Supports Levels and Dimensions

A new Rollup function is replacing the existing levelRollup function for custom calculations in Matrix reports. The new function supports levels and dimensions. The levelRollup function only supported levels.

Blank Values Display as Zeros in Model and Matrix Reports

For consistency between model and matrix reports, blank values display as zeros by default. For your own presentation purposes, you can format the report to display zeros as blanks or dashes in the Element Properties dialog. In the report edit mode, right-click an element and select Properties or Format. In the Numbers tab, set the Display zeroes property to the desired format.

User Interface Updates

Web reports users can see the following updates:

  • When viewing a report, the Email Report icon is renamed to Share Report.
  • When right-clicking a report in the Shared Reports folder, the Email Report option is renamed to Share Report.

Administrators can see the following update:

  • The Email Reports permission is renamed to Share Reports under Administration > Access Reports.

See User Experience for more Adaptive Planning user interface changes. 


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Office Connect - What's New 2019.3

Enhanced Excel Experience 

OfficeConnect now uses the .xlsx file extension and standard Excel operations. Just start Excel and log in to OfficeConnect from the ribbon. 

You can complete the following tasks across standard Excel workbooks and OfficeConnect reporting workbooks: 

  • Copy or move workbooks
  • Link workbooks 
  • Paste formulas
  • Use macro files 
  • Use the Excel AutoRecovery

You can now open any number of workbooks for the same instance. Previously, you could open up to three workbooks at a time.

Additionally, you can now log in to OfficeConnect for Word and PowerPoint from the Excel ribbon.

See Change Impact and Upgrade for OfficeConnect 2019.3 for the main highlights and required upgrade actions.

User Interface Updates

OfficeConnect users can see the following updates:

Renamed the Organization element in the Reporting task pane to Levels.


Renamed the Adaptive Cells ribbon button to Linked Cells

Linked Cells button

OfficeConnect administrators can see the following updates:

  • The COM add-in displays OfficeConnect for Excel. 
  • For first-time installations, the Adaptive OfficeConnect Event Log Components is renamed to Adaptive Planning Event Log Components. 

See User Experience for more Adaptive Planning user interface changes. 

Use Dimension Short Names in OfficeConnect Reports Labels

If you specify a short name for a dimension in Modeling > Model Management > Dimensions, you can use the short name as a report label for OfficeConnect reports. 

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