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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

User Experience Updates

2019.3 Release Notes for user interface enhancements.

Experience a Whole New Look with Sheets 

Watch the video: 2m 44s

UI Refresh - What's New 2019.3

Sheet Toolbar

  • Intuitive: The toolbar clusters buttons by similar actions. 
  • Accurate: The Download DownloadSheets.png button replaces the Printable View button. 
  • Easier: No more Cell Explorer button. Instead, right-click and select Explore Cell


  • Clarity: Clean lines, more white space, and clear visual hierarchies. 
  • Placement: New orange borders highlight your cursor location.
  • Help: Better guidance with clarified prompts, tooltips, and messages. 
  • New Color Legend: and
FormulaTriangle.png Cells with formulas have blue triangles, instead of purple.
Error.png Cells with formula errors have a red outline and exclamation mark instead of a red background.

New Filter and Search Experiences

  • Toolbar Search: For standard and cube sheets, select the Search SearchSheet.png button to open the search field. Then enter your keywords and select the search button again. Use the arrows to find the next match and the X to cancel the search:


  • Modeled Sheet Toolbar Filter: For modeled sheets, select the Filter FilterinFilters.png button to open the filter field. Enter your keywords and press enter. To remove the filter, select the X and press enter or click anywhere on the screen.
  • Modeled Sheet Display Option Filters: When you activate modeled sheet filters with the Display Options, the button appears activated to indicate that the sheet is filtered, instead of turning orange: 

activated filter button.png

  • Dimension Filters: To clean up the view of cube sheet, we've removed the dimension and attribute icons:


The new sheets UI is not available for Sales Planning.

Renamed Capabilities

We've renamed a few of our capabilities:

Was Known As Now Known As
Discovery Dashboards
Integration > Adaptive Integration
    Integration Tasks
    Data Designer
Integration > Integration Management 
     Run Tasks
     Design Integrations
Integration > Import Integration > Manual Import
Integration > Export Integration > Manual Export
Integration > Application Setup Integration > Application Integrations
Level Access Owned levels and level owners.  See the  Modeling Release Note.
Adaptive OfficeConnect Adaptive Insights OfficeConnect
Adaptive Planning for Excel Planning for Excel
Modeling > Dashboards Modeling > Reporting Dashboards

Knowledge Center Refresh

We've enhanced our knowledge center user interface with a fresher, cleaner look. We have also moved content around. 

See Where's the Docs for a quick reference to content locations.

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