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Access Rules

2019.3 Release Notes for access rules.

Security with Access Rules

Watch this video on access rules 

With access rules, you can define specific intersections of data that users or groups can edit or view. The dimensions you secure define the intersection. These dimensions are called secured dimensions. You can secure accounts, levels, and up to three custom dimensions.

Why Use Access Rules

  • Sensitive details: Limited View prevents users from seeing the contributing splits and details. You can also hide accounts from a user, so they never see it.
  • Flexibility: Assign view access to an entire department, and edit access to another department.
  • Conditional access: Allow a user to access some accounts or dimensions in some areas of your model while restricting or even hiding them in other areas.
  • Free up your levels: With access rules, levels can accurately reflect your organizational structure because you aren't forced to use them to restrict data access.
  • Simplify data entry: Access rules filter sheets so that users only see the intersections they are meant to see. 
  • Simplify reporting: Build one report and share it with many users. The report filters out the data each user can't see. 

What Defines Access Rules

  • The user or group that you assign the rule to.
  • The intersection of secured dimensions
  • The level of access: 
  • Limited View:  You can view the data, and create, edit, or delete cell notes. You can't view the supporting details of the data, which includes splits, associated transactions, and rows in modeled sheets.  
  • Full View: You can view the data and all its supporting details (as long as you have access to those particular details).
  • Edit: You can edit the data. 

How to Enable Access Rules

Access rules can significantly change how your model works. To request access rules, submit a support ticket and complete the form. A customer support representative will contact you to discuss your implementation plan based on how you plan to use access rules. Your implementation may include formal training, professional services, or a sandbox instance for testing. 

Before you request access rules, review the Transition to Access Rules to understand what changes. 

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