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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Small but Noteworthy

2020R1: Release Notes for small but exciting improvements.

Set Visual Preferences for Sheets

Administrators can use the new display setting to increase the contrast of all sheets for the entire instance. Grid lines and colors appear darker, so it's easier to view sheets on projectors. Go to Administration > Visual Preferences and select the  Enhance the visual contrast in sheets checkbox.

See Visual Preferences.


Modeled Sheet Enhancements 

  • Clearing data in a modeled sheet cells now results in blanks instead of zeros for number type columns. This improves calculations and reporting data. Right-click a cell and select Clear. See Edit Data in Cells.
  • Downloading is only available for 1.5 million cells or less. If the download button is inactive, use filters to reduce the sheet size.

Additional Memory Limit for Reports

For web reports, there is now an additional memory limit and users get an error message if a report exceeds this limit. Report runners can modify a report to reduce the number of elements and rerun it. 

Previously, when creating reports, the existing limits did not consider certain conditions. This led to a report becoming unresponsive if it crossed the allocated memory.

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