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Workforce Planning with Workday HCM

2020R1: Release notes for workforce planning

Workforce planning is an Adaptive Planning instance that uses your Workday HCM data. The model foundation includes dimension and data loaders, top-down and bottom-up modeled sheets, dimensions, and formulas.  

Workforce Planning Benefits

  • Get an accurate picture of your workforce and adapt to changing requirements.
  • Drive what-if scenarios.
  • Create effective hiring plans, identify gaps, and align with business goals.

What Workforce Planning Does

  • Stream Workday data to Adaptive Planning sheets.
  • Enter and edit data in Adaptive Planning sheets to model your plans.
  • Model headcount, skills, transfers, planned hires, and attrition.
  • Share plans with your people managers.
  • Get their feedback and buy-in early and often.
  • Check actuals to plan and take corrective actions when needed.

The workforce planning instance is a separate instance from your Adaptive Planning financial planning instance. To get started:

  • You must contact your Customer Success Manager. See Contact Us.
  • You don't need an existing financial planning model.
  • You do need Workday HCM. If you don't use Workday HCM, use the personnel planning sheet that comes with your financial planning model to manage your workforce. Or, contact us to discuss other options.

See Steps: Set Up Workforce Planning with Workday HCM.

Workforce Planning Foundation Model

Workday - Adaptive Planning Integrations Adaptive Planning Model Structure
  • Workday custom reports

  • Workday credential

  • Adaptive Planning data sources

  • Adaptive Planning data loaders

  • Structured with assumptions, drivers, and formulas

  • Preset modeled and cube sheets

  • Levels

  • Custom dimensions

  • Custom dimension attributes

See Workforce Planning Model Components.

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