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Workday Using Adaptive Insights

2020R1: Release Notes for Workday using Adaptive Insights

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Adaptive Insights Alerts as Workday Notifications - What's New 2020R1

Synchronize User Accounts

You can now access Adaptive Insights from Workday using the same user account for more unified security. Adaptive Insights user accounts synchronize with user accounts in Workday. Adaptive Insights administrators can then assign users the appropriate role and level permissions in Adaptive Insights.

See Sync Users with Adaptive Insights 

Publish Headcount Plans

You can now publish plan versions from Adaptive Insights to Workday. This enables you to preview plans in Workday, generate management reporting, and support downstream actions, such as position creation, streamlining your plan to execute process. This also helps minimize the need to manually synchronize data between Workday and Adaptive Insights.

To set up, you'll need to define a user group and give the group the Publish access type. Members of this group will get an additional main navigation link for Publish Plan. This link will let you:

  • See a detailed history of what published
  • Review publication status
  • Publish plans
  • Take action on messages

See Publish Plans

To publish plans, the Workday credential for your Workday data source must use JWT Bearer for Client Grant Type. See Switch Client Grant Type to JWT Bearer.

Adaptive Insights Notifications in Workday 

You can now access your Adaptive Insights alerts directly in Workday, providing a central location for all notifications. You can also access direct links in these notifications that gets viewers directly to the appropriate location in Adaptive Insights where applicable. This makes it faster and easier for you to find the items that you need to take action on.

These Adaptive Insights alerts are available as Workday notifications:

  • Processes
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Integration

Use Adaptive Insights APIs with Workday Credentials

Workday-synchronized users can access the Adaptive Insights public APIs with their Workday credentials. An administrator in Workday first configures the Adaptive Insights API task and API timeout for the users who need to run the APIs. Requests for Adaptive Insights APIs from Workday-synchronized users replace the username and password in the credentials element with a ticket that functions as an access token.

See Making Adaptive Insights API Requests with Workday Credentials.

Where's the Docs?

Workday related documentation from the Integration area of the Adaptive Insights knowledge center moved into the Workday community. Make sure you update any browser bookmarks that link to the moved content. 

Was in Knowledge Center Now in Workday Admin Guide
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