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Miscellaneous: Small but Noteworthy

2020R2 Release Note:  Small but noteworthy enhancements

Publish Plan

Release:  2020-9-11

  • Publish data from linked levels to Workday HCM and Workday Financials.

See Publish Plans.

OfficeConnect Reports

Release:  2020-9-11

You can now specify a regional gateway when it becomes available to you. This allows you to maintain your data sovereignty requirements.

When authentication options become available in different regions, use the Regional Settings option to configure OfficeConnect to use an authentication located in the same region as your company. 

See Set Up OfficeConnect with Regional Settings.

Web Reports

Release:  2020-9-11

  • The this.timeper.positionof() formula now works with the Display As > Custom report element at leaf levels in Matrix reports.  Previously when you applied this element to time related functions such as  fiscalmonth(this), the result was always a zero (0). Now leaf-level time periods such months resolve correctly. Calculations for rolled up periods such as years still result in a zero with the Display As > Custom element.
  • Previously, an error message sometimes incorrectly displayed stating that no accounts matched the given attributes if the following conditions applied to a matrix report:
    • Includes account attributes, version, time, and level
    • Rows with zeros and blanks are suppressed
    • An associated account has no value for a specific intersection

The incorrect error message no longer displays for the above conditions.

  • Data now displays correctly for all rows in a matrix report that includes all of the following:
    • Rollup() functions for levels and dimensions
    • More than four tiers of data
    • Rollups suppression
  • The Share Reports button and associated permission has now been renamed to Send Notifications for matrix reports.

OfficeConnect and Web Reports

Release:  2020-9-11

The attribute value for a GL account linking to a cube account now calculates correctly when used with multiple levels in the filters for:

  • OfficeConnect reports
  • Matrix reports in Adaptive Planning

Previously, the account attribute value returned a zero.

Data Import to Locked Levels in Sheets

Release:  2020-9-11

When importing data into any sheet for a specific version,  the data import for rows associated with a locked level can fail. Based on their permissions and level access, users can receive an error message for the following Workflow statuses:

  • Submitted for Review
  • Approved
  • Approved and Locked

The import in general succeeds but ignores updating the locked rows. Super users with the Import To All Locations permission can continue to import data to all sheets regardless of Workflow status.

See Steps: Use Workflow

Cube Sheets

Release:  2020-9-11

We corrected evaluator logic used in some cases for calculated cube accounts containing a conditional formula that:

  1. References another account within the same cube sheet.
  2. Contains formula logic that checks if the account matches account attributes AND level attributes.

In some situations, this logic was evaluating incorrectly to check if the account matches account attributes OR level attributes. Cube accounts like this now correctly evaluate the conditional statement to check if the account matches account attributes AND level attributes to proceed.

Modeled Sheet Timespan Accounts

Release: 2020-11-13

You can now select Planned by Balance for cumulative timespan accounts in modeled sheets.

See Reference: Custom Accounts Fields and Settings.

updateDimensions API enhancements

Release: 2020-12-11

New line characters for dimension values in the payload of an updateDimensions request get replaced with a blank space character.

We now handle multiple renames of the same entity in the same updateDimensions call. This helps resolve an issue when names swap more than once in a remote system between synchronizations into Adaptive Planning. 

See updateDimensions.

SAML SSO Tile for Workday Adaptive Planning

Release: 2020-12-11

You can update the tile image you use in your IDP to match our rebranding to Workday Adaptive Planning.

See Reference: SAML SSO Settings.


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