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Modeling: Version-Specific Account Formulas

2020R2: Release Note for Version-Specific Account Formulas. Includes feature video.

Watch the video: 6m 19s

Version-Specific Account Formulas

With 2020R2, you can add account settings that save different account formulas for each version. You can also override the default and lock the version data for the account. This helps to protect data in locked versions as well as remove the need for version references in account formulas.

Formula Version Selector and Override Option

We add a new Formula Version selector and a new Override option in the account settings, enabling you to create an override account formula for a specific version without affecting other versions and their data.

Also, when you lock a version, we convert all account formulas to override formulas.

Override Checkbox Update

Intended release: 2020-10-09

To make it easier to maintain account settings, we remove the Override check box from the Data Type section. Instead, we deliver a new Override Formula Setting dropdown.

From the new dropdown, when you select:

  • Override Formula, you can add, edit or delete the override for all unlocked versions.
  • None, you can add, edit, or delete the default formula for all unlocked versions.

Delivery Dates 

Intended Release: 2020-09-11

Links to Feature Documentation

Edit Account Formulas and Override Formulas

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