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Dashboards: Personal Sheet Preferences on Dashboards

2020R2: Release Notes for Personal Sheet Preferences on Dashboards. Includes the feature video.

Watch the video: 5m 2s

Active Dashboards Enhancements

You can now save your view preferences for individual sheets on dashboards. For a better user experience, we also improve the perspective context filters

Save View Preferences for Sheets on Dashboards

Customize and save your view preferences for each individual sheet on a dashboard. Before you could make temporary view changes that persist until you navigate away from the page, or make changes at the perspective level. Now any view change including column size and swap columns and rows save when you:

  • Update Display Options.
  • Change Dimensions in cube sheets.
  • Save after data entry.

Set the default sheet view for all users when you share or publish perspectives. Users can then modify their sheet view preferences and even save a new default view from Display Options. When you publish a perspective you revert all custom view changes made by users to the current view.

Perspective Context Filter Behavior Changes

Perspective context filters are now visible when you maximize all charts except sheets, and filter options react to element selections. When you select an element filter, the available levels and dimension context filters only show selections relevant to the element filter. Cube and modeled sheets now react to level and dimension attribute perspective filter changes.

Delivery Dates 

Intended Release: 2020-09-11

Feature Documentation Links

Use Sheets on Dashboards

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