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Adaptive Planning User Experience

2020R2: Release Note for Adaptive Planning User Experience

We continue to update Adaptive Planning to provide a more consistent user experience with Workday.

Adaptive Planning 

We rename the Adaptive Insights product to Adaptive Planning.

Knowledge Center

We rename the Knowledge Center to Workday Adaptive Planning.

Changes to User Interface

To provide a more consistent user experience, we update the Adaptive Planning user interface by now:

  • Displaying the Workday logo in the upper left corner, which you can click to open the navigation menu.
  • Updating the login page, Welcome page, Home page, and email notifications to more closely resemble the Workday user interface.
  • Updating the user interface with cleaner lines in the top menu bar, including the breadcrumbs, version selector, profile icons, and help icons.

Set Your Adaptive Planning Home Page

You can no longer access the Adaptive Planning Home page from the Welcome page. Instead, you can now access the Home page from your profile and the navigation menu.

Profile Menu

We reorganize and rename the options that display when you click your profile avatar in the top menu.

We update these to provide a cleaner user experience:

  • Active Users icons (available for stand-alone Adaptive Planning customers).
  • Product Documentation links.

We rename the:

  • Settings button to View Profile.
  • Logout button to Sign Out.

Upload Company Logo

If you use Adaptive Planning and other Workday products, you can no longer upload your company logo using the Visual Preferences.

Version Icons

We update the version icons in the version drop-down for all areas of a model. You can also view the new icons when you access the version list by selecting Modeling > Versions.

Delivery Dates 

Intended Release:  2020-09-11

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