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OfficeConnect Ad Hoc Analysis

2021R1 Release Note

With this release, we improve OfficeConnect ad hoc analysis functionality. We enable users to quickly analyze reporting data by viewing the details using different expansion options. Also, users can apply and expand custom dimensions and attributes in reports.

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OfficeConnect Ad Hoc Analysis - What's New 2021R1

Apply and Expand Custom Dimensions and Attributes

Release: 2021-03-12

You can now apply and expand all parent custom dimensions and attributes.

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Select the Direction for Expanding Parent Elements

Release: 2021-03-12

We now enable you to take these actions on parent elements for all reports or a single report:

  • Expand columns to the left or right of the parent.
  • Expand rows above or below the parent.

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Expand All or Expand to Leaf Level

Release: 2021-03-12

You can now expand all parent elements including all descendants. We also enable you to expand all parent elements to the leaf level only. This makes it easier to access the rows where you need to enter data.

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Focus on Parts of an Expansion

Release: 2021-03-12

We now enable you to focus on specific rows or columns of an expansion by hiding the other rows or columns. You can select specific rows or columns that are part of an expansion and then select the:

  • Keep Only option to show only the selection and remove other parts of the expansion.
  • Remove Only option to remove the selection from the expansion. 

When you use either option, we shift the data so that the remaining rows or columns are no longer an expansion.

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