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NetSuite 2020.1 Web Services

2021R1 Release Note

NetSuite 2020.1 Web Services Support

Release: 2021-03-12

We add a new Upgrade to 2020.1 link in the Actions pane, and remove the Upgrade to 2018.1 link. This enables you to select an existing token based credential from the Components library or create a new token based credential during the upgrade process. This update helps enforce Token Based Authentication (TBA) for all NetSuite users, maintaining our Built For NetSuite (BFN) certification.

This update is not automatic for existing NetSuite data sources. You must manually upgrade your existing NetSuite Data Sources to 2020.1.

You must use a web service version that is less than 3 years old to ensure Workday and NetSuite are able to provide optimal support.


Use the HMAC-SHA256 signature with NetSuite 2021.2

Release: 2021-03-12

With NetSuite 2021.2, any integrations that use the Token-based Authentication (TBA) feature with HMAC-SHA1 as a signature method will stop working. With the Workday 2021 R1, we now support the HMAC-SHA256 signature for Token Based Authentication.

Ensure you use the latest version of the NetSuite Data Source (NetSuite 2020.1).This applies to all integrations you create, as well as integrations from the third-party solution providers.

NetSuite targets its 2021.2 release upgrade between August and October of 2021. If you use any integrations provided by a third party, inform the third party that the HMAC-SHA1 will no longer be supported as a signature method for TBA in NetSuite. The third party must provide you with an updated solution before the NetSuite 2021.2 release.

See Steps: Set Up NetSuite Credentials.

Upcoming Changes for Improved User Experience

We will enhance the Netsuite-Workday Adaptive Planning user experience in an upcoming release by opening the planning application in a new browser tab, so users can take advantage of the full-browser experience. 

Your browser pop-up blocker may prevent this page from loading. Enable pop-ups for this page and try again.If a new tab does not open, try re-launching Workday Adaptive Planning



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