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Small But Noteworthy

2019.3 Release Notes: small but noteworthy changes.

Contains preview content for the upcoming 2019.3 release.

This article lists additional updates in Release 2019.3 that enhance your Adaptive Insights experience.

Web Reports 

Show or Hide Rows

  • If suppression is turned on, rows with all zeros or with no data are now hidden. Row headers and labels are also hidden.
  • If the contributing values for a calculation aren't zero but the result is zero, zero now displays for the row even if suppression is turned on.
  • For modeled accounts with splits, additional rows now display to show splits that contribute to the account totals.

Run a Report 

  • As the report owner, you can now run a report even after losing access to a level in the report. The report displays as blank.
  • If a report includes current version and you are on a level that is not available to the report, you cannot run the report.

Cell Notes 

  • For both reports and sheets, cell notes now display at the rollup level for a split.
  • For matrix reports, cell notes that you add to sheets now display as footnotes in the correct numerical order.
  • For linked accounts, the source and linked accounts no longer share a single note. 

Cube Sheets

  • After enabling "Recalculate on demand", you must now select Recalculate Formulas on the sheet to save the calculations for the selected version. 
  • The row combination totals that were generated for sheets with more than one dimension in the rows are now removed.

Modeled Sheets 

  • For display columns, the exchange rates are now based on the months that you select.

Selected Version

  • The version selector remembers the last version you used when you log back in, instead of swapping to your default version. 
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