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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Adaptive Insights for Sales

2019.3 Release Notes for Adaptive Insights for Sales.

New Geo Map 


Watch the video: 4m 12s

Sales Planning - What's New 2019.3

The geo map shows data based on the geography region's latitude and longitude. You can compare and contrast values across different regions with circle size, color scale, or both. Navigate the geography hierarchy down to the zip code level. 

See Create a Geo Map.

Custom Properties 


Associate additional information to custom dimension values with custom properties. Custom property values can only contain numeric characters. You can create custom properties, for example latitude and longitude, for a custom dimension to create a geo map for territory planning.

See Create Custom Properties.

Style Text on Dashboards (Text Charts) with an Inline Editor

New inline editor to format text for guided assistance and context.

You might need to reformat any text charts that were created before 2019.3. Formatting with HTML or markdown syntax is no longer supported.

See Text on Dashboards.



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