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2019.3 Release Notes for Workday Power of One.

Preview the features of our upcoming 2019.3 release. 

Combined User Management

Watch the video: 4m 2s

User Management from Workday - What's New 2019.3

User account access to Adaptive Insights now occurs through the Adaptive Insights worklet in Workday. User creation and management takes place in Workday and synchronizes across after a few minutes. These synchronized accounts receive the Adaptive Insights No Access role by default. Adaptive Insights administrators then assign these users the appropriate role and level permissions. See Create, Edit, or Delete Users.

If you configured SAML SSO to Workday you must set it up again because of feature improvements for the 2019.3 release.

Receive Adaptive Insights Alerts as Workday Notifications

Watch the video: 3m 25s

Notifications - What's New 2019.3

Adaptive Insights alerts now show up as Workday Notifications instead of emails for:

  • Processes
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Integration

See View Integration Notification Logs.

Access OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning from Workday 

Watch the video: 4m 44s

Adaptive Office Connect and EIP with Workday Credentials - What's New 2019.3

If Adaptive Insights is Workday and user sync is enabled, the Workday security administrator can enable OfficeConnect.  The IT administrator can then configure OfficeConnect so users can log in to OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning using their Workday credentials. See Log In to OfficeConnect Using Workday Credentials.

Adaptive Insights Implementer Role

Use the new Adaptive Insights Implementer role permissions template to quickly assign appropriate permissions for seamless Worklet access. The Adaptive Insights Implementer role template is ideal for giving a third-party implementer limited access that you can quickly revoke in the future. This role gets assigned by default to new Workday-created users. See Roles and Permissions Overview.

Adaptive Insights Implementer Role

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