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2019.3 Releases Notes for modeling levels and versions.

Hide Actuals from Reports and Charts

Hidden from Version Selector was an option available for your root actuals. This option prevented you from selecting the root actuals when you were in sheets, but you could still use the root actuals for reports and charts.

Now, we've replaced Hidden from Version Selector with Hidden. When you choose Hidden for your root actuals, the actuals version is unavailable in sheets, reports, and charts. It also hides all the sub-versions that roll up to it. 

Hidden for actuals versions RN.png

If your root actuals was Hidden from Version Selector, it will automatically update to Hidden. To change this, go to Modeling > Versions and update the version settings. 

See Lock or Hide Versions.

Use Any Actuals Version for Actuals Overlay

You can now select a hidden actuals version to be the version overlay for your plans. Go to the settings of a plan version, choose any actuals version. Any user with access to the plan version can view the hidden actuals overlay data.

Actuals Overlay RN.png

See Set Up or Turn Off Actuals Overlay.

Protect User-Assigned Modeled Sheets

When you assign a user access to a user-assigned modeled sheet, it does not override the Salary Detail setting. The user requires the Salary Detail permission to open the sheet. See Salary Detail Permission and Settings.

Modeled Sheet Permission.png

New Term for Level Access

We've replaced Level Access, with Level Owners in level settings, and Owned Levels in user settings. The terms have changed, but the function remains the same, unless you enable the new access rules capability for your instance. 

For details about level ownership with or without access rules, see Assign Owners to Levels.

Level Owners in Level Settings

RN Level Owners.png

Owned Levels in User Settings

RN Owned Levels.png

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