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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Where's the Docs?

As of the 2019.3 release, we've reorganized the product documentation and other Knowledge Center content for an improved user experience.

Use this article to find the documentation that is either renamed or reorganized.

Top Links

We have reorganized the links that were at the top of the home page and moved them to other locations on the home page.


Use this table for the new locations and names for these links.

Link Was Link is Now Where's it Now?
Getting Started Get Started Get Started tile

Training Programs

More Information at the bottom of the Home page
Product Downloads Product Downloads Quick Links at the bottom of the Home page
Contact Us Contact Us More Information at the bottom of the Home page


We have renamed and reorganized the tiles on the home page. Use this table to help you locate content for a specific subject area.

Current Title Prior Title Content
What's New What's New Release Notes, customer alerts, changes and updates to knowledge center content.
Get Started Getting Started (was a top link)
Customer Journey Library Customer Journey Library How to articles and best practices that help with next steps in your Adaptive Insights journey.
Data Entry  Planning How to use sheets and enter data,  use Excel Interface for Planning and how to use process tracker and workflows.
Consolidation Moved to the Model Administration tile  
Reporting and Analysis Reporting How to use standard, matrix and cube reports, install and user OfficeConnect, and use Dashboards. Also includes support FAQs (will move to the Product Support panel at the bottom).
Dashboards Moved to  the Reporting and Analysis tile  
Security and Administration Administration How to set up the system, add users and assign permission, and how to set up single signon and multiple instances. Also includes support FAQs  (will move to the Product Support panel at the bottom).
Model Administration Model How to set up your model. Also includes support FAQs (will move to the Product Support panel at the bottom).
Integration Integration  How to use integration management, manual import and export, and API documentation. Also include support FAQs (will move to the Product support panel at the bottom).
More Resources Moved to  the More Information panel at the bottom. Past Adaptive Live presentations and Free Trial Resources. 

Bottom Panels

We've added the following links to the bottom of the home page.

Quick Links

Get quick access to popular topics, such as product downloads and formulas. These links can change based on trends.

Product Support

Support FAQs are currently located in subject tiles. Soon we'll be expanding this panel to give you quick access to troubleshooting articles and FAQs, and information about the customer support portal.

More Information

Find information, such as Contact Us, Training Programs, and More Resources.

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