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Integration and Performance

2019.2 Release Notes: Integration and  System Performance

Preview the features of our upcoming 2019.2 release.

Integration Framework

Auto Map Metadata At Run Time

You now get options to automatically map new data elements detected by a Planning Data Loader at run time. Automapping is particularly useful for tasks that run on a schedule without user interaction. Automap options exist for:

  • Accounts
  • Levels
  • Dimensions

Auto mapping

If you make a selection for Source Display Name Column in Data Mapping, you can automap by Source ID or Source Display Name. For Accounts, you can also automap Source ID or Display Name to Account Name or Account Code.

If you don't make a selection for Source Display Name Column you can automap by Source ID. For Accounts, you can automap by Account Name or Account Code.

New and existing Planning Data Loaders do not automap by default.

See Create a Planning Data Loader for more.

Handle Invalid Data Mappings in the Planning Data Loader

Preview: This feature will be available a few weeks after General Availability.

The Planning Data Loader now gives you a new mapping status of Invalid. An invalid mapping status lets you know when the Adaptive Insights Accounts, Levels, and Dimensions you mapped to get removed or changed since the last time you mapped. Filter for invalid mappings in the Data Mappings tab, remap them, delete them, or download a spreadsheet to update and upload new mappings.

Planning Data Loader - Data Mapping - Invalid Mapping


Modeled Sheet Maximum Rows

If you haven't yet set a maximum number of rows in the general settings for your modeled sheets, your modeled sheets may be performing slowly. Now, for any unspecified maximums, we're adding a default maximum of 2,000. This will improve the performance of modeled sheets and cell explorer.

The maximum doesn't limit the rows in your manual or API exports, or printable views. 

To change the default at any time, go to Administration > General Settings and enter the maximum of your choice: 

Modeled Sheet Maximum Rows Setting

See the original release note and General Setup.

Elastic Hypercube Technology

Here's what you can expect in this release: 

  • More import performance enhancements for enterprise-readiness and scalability.
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