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2017.3 Release Notes: Create actuals sub-versions, use improved formula syntax, and export cube account definitions.

Create Actuals Sub-Versions   

We've added sub-versions of actuals, formerly a Consolidation-only feature, to all Planning instances as well. Use sub-versions to view and compare slices of actuals data, usually broken down by the data's origin.  For example, have separate sub-versions which represent your originally-imported actuals from your accounting system, your manual adjustments, and your allocations. All sub-versions then roll up to the total Actuals version.

  • Easy data entry and data review: Slice actuals into meaningful subsets with separate access permissions, that rollup to read-only actual totals.
  • Statement of Truth: Maintain a true copy of your imported actuals separate from any manual adjustments made for planning or reporting purposes. 
  • Capture Insights: Compare your sub-versions in various combinations using reporting.

Improve Modeled Sheet Data Entry

Ease of Use with Formula Syntax

Add Level and dimension attributes columns to modeled account formulas and the sheets will use the traditional syntax when added: Row.ColumnCode. Your users can reference attribute values the traditional way, using the column codes.

Export Cube Account Definitions

You can now export the cube account definitions for a cube sheet by clicking printable view in that cube sheet's account admin page.


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