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Enable SAML SSO for all Users

You can enable SAML SSO for all your users once you have completed setting up and testing.

Enter Federation IDs

If you selected SAML Federation ID as the SAML user ID on the Manage SAML/SSO Set­tings page, you will need to enter federation IDs for each user you want to have access to the application. There are two ways to do this, individually by hand or in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet.

If you selected a different SAML user ID than Federation ID, go to the Enable SSO for All Users section.

Add federation IDs Manually

  1. In Adaptive Planning, go to Admin > Edit User and select the user that you want to give access to.

  2. Enter the email address from your Okta or PingOne account as the SAML Federa­tion ID for the user.

  3. Repeat for each user who need access.

Upload a spreadsheet of federation IDs

  1. Log in to Adaptive Planning.

  2. Go to Admin > Manage SAML SSO Settings.
    If the link is not available, contact  support.

  3. Click Update Users in the upper right.
    The Update Users dialog opens.

  4. Download the template to your computer and enter the federation IDs for your list of users.

  5. In the Update Users dialog, click Browse.

  6. Select the template file you filled out above.

  7. Click Open.

  8. Click Save.

Enable SSO for All Users

After testing your setup and entering Federation IDs if applicable, you can enable SSO for all of your users from Adaptive Planning.

  1. Go to Admin > Edit User. Check that SAML Federation IDs are present for all users.

  2. Go to Admin > SAML SSO Settings.

  3. In the Enable SAML section, select either Allow only SAML SSO or Allow SAML SSO and direct Adaptive Planning login to enable SAML SSO for your entire instance.

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