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Provides instructions for configuring Adaptive Insights to accept SAML SSO tokens from your instance of PingOne. Your PingOne instance is an iden­tity provider and Adaptive Insights is a service provider. 


  • A PingOne account with administrative permissions
  • An Adaptive Insights account with administrative permissions
  • A confirmation email from Adaptive Insights stating that SAML has been provisioned on your instance

Add  Adaptive Insights  to PingOne

  1. Log in to PingOne.

  2. Go to  Applications > My Applications.

  3. Click Add New Application.

  4. Choose Search Application Catalog.ManageSAMLSSO_catalog_search_cropped_pingone.png

  5. In the search text box, enter Adaptive Insights.

  6. Select Adaptive Insights to start setting up the application.

  7.  Download the SAML Metadata and open the SAML Metadata xml document from PingOne.


  1. Copy the Identity Provider EntityID from the downloaded SAML Metadata XML doc­ument and use it in the Adaptive Insights Admin > SAML SSO Settings Identity Provider Entity ID field.

  2. Copy the IDP SSO URL (with Bindings-POST) from the downloaded SAML Meta­data XML document. You will this URL in Adaptive Insights  when setting up the Identity Provider SSO URL field.

  3. From the PingOne Download the Signing Certificate and save the certificate in a location you will remember.

  4. From Adaptive Insights, go to Admin > SAML SSO Settings screen, upload the PingOne sign­ing certificate you downloaded.

  5. Click Save .Manage SAML SSO PingOne

  6. Copy the Adaptive Insights SSO URL found at the bottom of Admin > SAML SSO Settings screen. You will use this URL when setting the ACS URL field in PingOne.

  7. From PingOne, copy the Initiate Single Sign-On (SSO) URL and paste it into a browser and attempt an SSO.

After successfully testing your setup, you can enable SAML SSO for your users. See Enabling SAML SSO for all Users in Adaptive Insights.

Logging in to Excel Interface for Planning and Office Connect using SAML SSO

Once SAML SSO has been successfully configured and tested, Excel Interface for Planning and Office Connect users only need to provide their usernames in the login form. Leave the password field blank.

Excel Interface for Planning or Adaptive Office Connect - Logging in with SAML SSO enabled

PingOne SAML SSO Limitation 

Users who configure PingOne as their Identity Provider may need to reenter login credentials each time they connect to Adaptive Insights, including OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning.

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