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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Multi-instance Setup Overview

The following is a high-level description of the set up and use of the multi-instance feature.

  1. A client contacts his/her Account Executive and purchases the multi-instance fea­ture. The New Accounts department creates the instances requested by the client and connects the instances in the hierarchy as requested by the client and provides the client with access.
  2. An administrator sets up access for the user who will link and refresh data. An administrator assigns access to a child instance for a user residing in the parent instance. Once this link has been established, an administrator on the child instance needs to grant access rights to the shared user in order for them to refresh data from the child to the parent.
  3. An administrator creates one or more linked levels in the parent instance/instances.
  4. The administrator establishes mappings between accounts, dimensions, and dimension values in the child (source) and parent (target) instances to bring specific information into the linked level/levels in the parent (target) instance.
  5. A user with access to refresh linked levels can refresh a linked level to reflect the current data in a corresponding child (source) instance. The user who refreshes the linked level can choose which version in the child (source) instance to pull into a specific version in the parent instance.
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