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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Create User Groups

Explains how to create user groups for sharing reports, assigning process tasks, or version permissions.

User groups let you quickly share information, assign tasks, and assign access. 

Share Dashboard Perspectives
Share dashboards with many users at once. See Share Perspectives.
Share Reports
Share shared reports with user groups. Recipients get a notification with a link to the report. See Share a Report.
Assign Process Tasks
Assign a process task with the Assignment Type of Group to a user group. You can specify if any or all members must complete the task. See Steps: Create Processes and Process Tasks.
Assign Version Access
Assign group access to a version. Go to the Access Control section of the Version details and select the group from the Group drop-down. Then select the type of access. For more information, see Version Access Control. 
Assign Access Rules
Create user groups to assign and update access rules to many users at once if your model uses access rules. Using groups for access rules also lets you assign access to new users by adding them to the group. See Concept: Access Rules and Create Access Rules.


Required permission: Admin Access > Manage Global User Groups.


Compass.png From the nav menu, select Administration > Global User Groups.

Create Groups and Add Users

  1. Select New Group.
  2. Enter a Name for the group.
  3. Select users and use the arrows to add them to the group. Choose from the available lists: 
  • Available Groups: A list of user groups that exist in Adaptive Planning. Your group gets automatically updated when groups are updated. 
  • Available Users: A list of all users. Add individual users to the new group.]
  • Available Levels: A list of levels. Add levels to add all the users assigned to the level. Your group gets automatically updated when levels you added are updated.
  1. Select OK.

Change or Delete Groups

Before changing a user group, verify it is not assigned to a process task or used in access rules.

Example: If a  user group is assigned to a process task, changing the group members can impact the task status. If you try to delete a user group that is assigned to a process task, the system alerts you and prompts you to delete the confirmation.

See Steps: Manage Process Tasks

To change an existing group, select the pencil icon. To Delete a group, select the X icon.