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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Access Rules Interface Tour

Introduces you to the interface of access rules and helps you understand how to read the access rules from the table.

Access rules define specific intersections of data that users or groups can edit or view.

Access Rules Table

Access Rules Interface Tour.png

1 Toolbar

  • Import: Download the import template to add new rules, or replace all the rules. 
  • Export: Review and edit your access rules. Then, use the Import button to update the rules. 
  • Add Dimensions: Add dimensions that you can use to create rules. See Create Access Rules
  • Search: Enter keywords to find rules you want to review.

2 Columns

  • Type and Name: The rule is either for a single user, where you see the username, or group, where you see the group name. 
  • Access: The level of access given with each rule is Edit, Full View, or Limited View. See Access Rules Overview.
  • Level: The levels granted with the rule include all the child levels, which are not listed. Levels are always secured with access rules. 
  • The remaining columns are specific to your instance and the dimensions you secured. In the example, accounts are secured, so it appears as a column.
  • More: Hover over columns to select the more icon for more options.
    • For Type, Name, and Access, select Ascending or Descending to sort the rules.
    • For Level, there is no More option.
    • For any other secured dimension, select Remove. Once you remove a dimension, it's no longer secured. All users have Edit access to all the dimension's values. 

3 Rules

  • This area is also referred to as the access rule table.
  • Each row is a rule. Most users or groups have many rules to create the appropriate access. Sort by the Name column or use the search from the toolbar to see all the rules assigned to a group or user.
  • If you don't see levels listed in a rule, the user or group has no access to data in any sheets, reports, or charts. 
  • If you don't see accounts or custom dimension values listed in a rule, the user has access to all the accounts or customer dimension values.

View Rule Details

When all the assigned dimensions don't fit on the table, you see an ellipse at the end of the list:


To see the full rule, select the User or Group link from the Type column to open the rule details. The rule details shows the full list. 

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