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Security Structure Overview

Introduces you to the components that control access to your instance and to the data.

 At Adaptive Insights, several components work together to secure your data. 

Security Structure

Security Structure

Set up level-based security.



Provide users with an ID and password.  See Create, Edit, or Delete Users.



Control the areas in Adaptive Insights users can see or access: certain fields, sections, and services. For example, without Admin Access permission, you can't see Administration in the navigation menu. See Roles and Permissions.


Access Controls

Limit the data users can view or edit by:


Credentials are the combination of a user ID and password. This gives users access to your instance. 

To create credentials for a team member, create a user profile. As part of that process, assign them a role and level ownership. Level ownership is a data access control if you don't have access rules enabled.

See Create User IDs and Passwords.


You create various roles. Each role has a set of permissions that you select. Permissions control a wide range of capabilities. You then assign the roles to each user to control where they can go in your model. Many permissions work with other access controls and access rules.

See Available Permissions.

Access Controls

You manage access controls with level, version, account, and sheet settings:

  • Level settings: Assign level owners and version availability.
  • Version Access Controls: Locking and hide version per user type.
  • Account settings: Data Privacy settings and Salary Detail.
  • Sheets: level and user assignment, read only settings, and cube restrictions.


  • Level ownership:  You can only see levels that you own. See Assign Levels to Owners.
  • Version availability: Level setting that makes levels and their data visible in the versions. 


With Version Access Controls, you can hide or lock the entire version for broadly-defined user types. Or, you can lock portions of versions. See Version Access Controls.

Account Settings

With account settings, you can build more restrictions or lessen restrictions. There are two settings that control access for accounts:

  • Data Privacy: You can control account value referenced in formulas. For example, the user can reference the value at the current level only, the top level, or any level. This account setting reveals the data of other levels that you may not otherwise have access to. See Account Settings and Fields.
  • Salary Detail: Flag an account as Salary Detail. Only users with the Salary Detail permission can see the account's splits and details. See Salary Detail Permission and Settings.


  • After you add accounts to standard sheets, you can mark them as read-only and no one can edit the data on that sheet.
  • You can also hide the whole sheet from sub-levels.
  • For cube sheets, you can add cube restrictions that block access to specific intersection.
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