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Visual Preferences

Explains how to add a corporate logo and how to enable user avatars from Administration Visual Preferences.

Use Visual Preferences to:

  • Improve projected sheet visibility by darkening gridlines and brightening colors. 
  • Display your company logo in the top navigation bar. 
  • Allow your team to use avatars for their user profiles.

Before You Begin

Required permissions: Admin Access > General Setup.

How You Get There

From the nav menu, go to Administration. Click Visual Preferences.

Improve Sheet Visibility

In the Display Settings section, click the Enhance the visual contrast in sheets checkbox. This darkens gridlines and brightens the colors of sheets for all users of your instance. Sheet details become easier to view on projectors: 


Update Company Logo

In the Customer Logo section, click the Import file radio button and click Choose File. Upload your company's logo in .JPEG or .PNG file types that are 40MB or less. 

Your logo  appears in the top navigation bar to the right of the Adaptive Insights logo.

Enable Avatars

In the Use Avatars section, click Allow avatars. Your team or you can upload images to user profiles.  See Editing Your Personal Information.

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