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User Activity Log

Describes the User Activity Log used to view and download a time-stamped log of user login activity.

User Activity lets you view, filter, search and download a timestamped log of user login activity. This capability currently doesn't track the logout activity for OfficeConnect.

You need Users permission to view this log. 

Navigate to: Administration > User Activity

The filter toolbar at the top includes:

  • Remove Filters: Clears all of the filters and display the current log.
  • Refresh List: Refreshes the log to display the most recent activity.
  • User: Search for a specific user, or select them all.
  • Action: Selects login, logout, or all activity.
  • Start date: Selects the start date of the filter.
  • End date: Selects the end date of the filter.
  • Printable view: Downloads a spreadsheet of the filtered log that includes the filter settings.

The User Activities list displays sortable columns for:

  • Name: The name of user associated with the activity.
  • Action: The login or logout action.
  • Description: A description of the activity, if there is one.
  • Date: The date and time of the activity, displayed using the timezone settings from your user profile.

You can search the filtered list using the search bar and view search results in the search tab.

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