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Erase Actuals

Explains how to permanently erase actuals from general ledger accounts, custom accounts, or cube accounts.

Erasing actuals deletes numeric data from specified months and accounts and cannot be undone. Values in system accounts and cells with formulas cannot be erased.

You can erase actuals to delete specific sets of data from actuals versions. Erase actuals to:

  • Clear account data to make adjustments for a new import.
  • Erase data in a period and start again with your most up-to-date actuals data.
  • Correct an import that loaded into an incorrect location.
  • Perform amount reclasses.


Required permissions: Import Capabilities, Import to all levels, Erase Actuals. Erase Actuals displays from the navigation menu only to users who have the Erase Actuals permissions.

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu click Integration >  Erase Actuals

Basic Steps

Erase Actuals

  1. If your system has multiple actuals versions, select the actuals version from which you wish to delete data.

  2. Choose to delete from the General Ledger accounts, custom accounts, or cube accounts.

  3. For cube accounts, specify the sheet.

  4. Select the periods to erase, either a single period or a range.

  5. If you want to delete cell notes, select Include cell notes. See Add or Change Cell Notes.

  6. Click Erase Actuals.

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