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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Manage Unpublished Changes

Explains how to manage changes and how to control when to publish them.

You can manage unpublished changes and to review, publish, or discard any pending changes.

Columns include:

  • Name: The name of the affected object.
  • Type: The type of object affected (level, account, etc.)
  • Action: The action caused by the change (new, delete, add, rename, etc.)
  • Status: The status of the change (pending, error)

Changes are always published in the order they were made, and all changes must be published or discarded at once. Partial publishing or discarding is not possible.

If an error occurs, any changes published prior to the error will stay published.  Remaining changes are not published. 

Some changes may result in features being unavailable to users until the changes are published. Those features are: 

  • Administration page 
  • Dimensions 
  • Account Attributes 
  • Level Attributes 
  • Levels 
  • Accounts 
  • Level Assigned Sheets 
  • User Assigned Sheets 
  • Add or Edit User 

Making any structural change (such as adding a level or editing account attributes) will result in all of these features being unavailable. 

Note: Changes to currencies or currency exchange rates are held until publication, but those features will still be available to users. The changes will only be visible after they are published. 

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