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Grant Read-Only Access To The Personnel Sheet

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I would like to give my users access to the Personnel sheet, but they should not be able to make edits. How can I do this?


Typically, the Personnel sheet is configured to require users to have the 'Access Salary Detail' role permission to view the sheet or any of its rows. This setting can be adjusted from the Security tab of the Sheet Properties menu in Modeling > Level Assigned Sheet > "Edit" Personnel sheet > Columns and Levels.

The Access Salary Details permission can be assigned to a role from Administration > Roles and Permissions. In order for the user to be able to edit the sheet, they will also need to have the Editable Sheet Access role permission. The Editable Sheet Access role permission applies to all sheets the user has access to.

If you would like to grant certain users read-only access to the Personnel sheet, but still be able to edit all other sheets in the model, you have a few different options as outlined below:

  1. Create a Model report that contains the information from the Personnel sheet. In this scenario, users without the Access Salary Details permission would not be able to view the report. So, you could create a PDF or Excel Snapshot of the report and save that report to your machine. Then you could upload the file and share the uploaded report file with the necessary user levels.

  2. Create a second login for users who need read-only access to the Personnel sheet. The second login would have the Access Salary Details role permission, but would not include the Editable Sheet Access permission.

  3. Make all columns on the Personnel sheet read-only from the Modeled Sheet Builder. The user would still be able to add and delete rows from the Personnel sheet, but they wouldn’t be able to edit existing rows. The read-only setting from the sheet builder would apply to all users, so whoever is entering the information would either need to temporarily disable the read-only settings to make edits or import the data (and not make changes through the UI).

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