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Create Report Books

Describes a report book and how to create one.

With report books, you can generate a group of reports with a single request and store them together. Entire report books can be distributed via email link eliminating the need for multiple attachments. You can download report books to your desktop for reuse in financial presentations.

A report book is output to a ZIP file and can include any of the following types of reports:

  • Live or Snapshot
  • Matrix Reports
  • Model Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Static files

A personal report book can include both personal and shared reports. A shared report book can contain only shared reports.

Characteristics of Reports in a Report Book

  • Matrix reports are converted to ExcelTM by default, unless PDF is the preferred output format. If the preferred output format is PDF, then the report book will contain the PDF format for that report.
  • Model and Transaction Reports are converted to ExcelTM files.
  • Static files appear in the format in which they are uploaded.

Create a Report Book

  1. In the New Report menu, select Report Book.
  2. Specify the name of the Report Book in the Report Book Name: field. This is the identifier users will see in the Report Details Panel.
  3. Input a description for the Report Book. This field is optional and when populated, the text appears in a tooltip when a user hovers over the Report Book name in the Report Details Panel.
  4. Specify the reports that you want to include in the Report Book by dragging and dropping the reports from the Folder Tree on the left into the Included Reports section.
  5. Click the Save button and complete the fields in the Save dialog. You can save a Report Book as a Shared or Personal report and choose the folder in which you want to save it.

Note: If you share the report book with other users, they can view only reports to which they have access. 

Run a Report Book

Report books appear in the Report Details Panel along with the other types of reports. To run a Report Book, click the report. If any of the reports in the Report Book are paramaterized, you will need to select the parameters if prompting, then run the report and download the report. You can save a Report Book as a Snapshot report if you want to archive it at a particular point in time. 

Toolbar Options

Icon Description
pencil-oldStyle.png Edit
save-oldStyle.png Save
saveas-oldStyle.png Save As
Run Report Book. You must save report first.
delete-oldStyle.png Delete: Removes selected reports from the report book.
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