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Create Pattern Reports

A pattern report shows how certain values are spread over time. For example, a pattern report can show how hardware purchases affect depreciation expense in other time peri­ods. Pattern reports are created using spread lookup tables in modeled sheets.

The Pattern Report Builder is different from other report builders. It is in the form of a wiz­ard with several screens that take you through each step of setting up the report.

To create a pattern report:

  1. Navigate to Reports and choose Pattern from the New Report drop-down. The Pattern Report Builder opens.
  2. Optionally, enter a title for the report in the Report Title box (a title can be added later when you save the report).
  3. The Account drop-down contains a list of account combinations available in your model. The report will show how a pattern spreads from the first account to the second. Select an account combination from the list.

  4. Click Next. The Apply Filters screen appears.
  5. Choose a version from the Version drop-down menu. Only versions to which you have access appear for you to select.
  6. Specify a time range. Either select Version time range to use the range present in the version selected above, or specify a range.
  7. Set a source time range. This is the time range in the first account of the two accounts selected on the previous screen. For example, if the set chosen was Equipment Outlay - Depreciation Expense, then the source account is Equipment Outlay, and Source Time Range is the time range for this account.
  8. Optionally, select filters to narrow the range of the report. You can create filters based on levels or on any modeled account that has a pattern in its formula.
  9. Click Next. The Display Options screen appears. You can choose whether the report will display months, quarters, and/or years for both the source account and the output account.
  10. Click View Report, View Repeating, Save, or cancel.
  • Click View to view the report.
  • Click Save to save the report, or Cancel to discard your work and return to the Reports page.
  • Click View Repeating to set up a repeating report. A repeating report creates an Excel workbook with the same report repeated with sheets for each of the filters you select.
  1. Click Save Report
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