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Reusable Reports

Introduces you to reusable reports.  With reusable reports, you can use the elements of saved matrix reports to build new reports.

Suppose that you have created a department expense report, and a department headcount report. You would like to create a new report that shows the change to expenses as headcount changes. You can combine the report elements from these two separate reports to make the new report. 

  • You notice that several of your reports use the same configuration for version and time. You can use the version and time elements from a reusable report as part of your new report. 
  • The format settings from the elements get applied in the new report. There is no need to re-apply the formatting. This will create some time savings and consistency when creating new reports. 

You can select elements from reusable reports for reuse by: 

  • Single element selection 
  • Multiple element selection 
  • Element segments selection 

You can add elements to the column axis, row axis, and sheet tab axis on the matrix report. See Matrix Report Builder for more on building a matrix report. 

From the Reports Folder pane, you can: 

  • Add saved reports as reusable reports 
  • Filter reports to only see reusable reports 

From the Matrix Report Builder, you can:

  • Access reusable reports from the Reports element 
  • Add elements from the Reports element to the report area

How to Make a Report Reusable 

Navigation: Reports > open a report folder. 

To make a report reusable, right click on the report and select Add to Reusable Reports. Once a report is reusable, the elements are available to reuse in other reports. 

Note: The Add to Reusable Reports option is not available in the Favorites folder. 

Find Reusable Reports 

Navigation: Reports > open Reusable Reports folder. 

To access a saved reports elements, the report must first be made reusable. 

The Reusable Reports folder contains a list of reports that you can use to build new matrix reports. The list of reusable reports includes shared reports added by other report users. 

Access a Report Building Block 

Navigation: Reports > click New Report and select Matrix 

You access report elements from the Reports element in the left pane of the Matrix Report Builder. From here, expand the reusable report to view the elements. 

How to Construct a Matrix Report with Elements from a Saved Report 

These steps assume that the Expense vs. Budget report was created and added to reusable reports. 

To use elements from saved reports: 

  1. Create a new report
  2. Expand the Report element to view a list of reusable reports.
    Example: Expand the Expense Budget vs. Actuals report to view elements for versions, time, and accounts 
  3. Drop a building block from the Column Axis from the left pane to the column axis in the report area.
    Example: Drop the Actuals Version building block to the column axis in the report area. 
  4. Drop an element from the Row Axis from the left pane to the row axis in the report area.
    Example: Drop the PL Expense Account building block in the left pane to the rows in the report area. 
  5. Drop more elements on the report based on desired report configuration. 
  6. Save your report and run it. 
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