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Email a Report

Explains how to email a report from the Report Viewer to users and groups.

You can email a shared report of any type (Matrix, Transaction, Pattern) to:

  • Individual users
  • Personal or global user groups
  • All users within a level 

Recipients get an email that includes a link to the report. 

When you select a report link in an email, Adaptive Insights prompts you to log in and logs you out of any active sessions.

Before You Begin 

Verify the following:

  • Required permission: Share Reports. See Create, Edit, or Delete Roles.
  • Valid email IDs for the recipients are available on the Edit User page.
  • Any personal or global user groups are available for use as recipients.

Email a Report

  1. Select a report from the Shared Reports folder.
  2. In the report viewer, select Share Report from the tool bar.
  3. In the To field, select the recipients for the email:
    • Available Groups. Personal and global user groups set up by the administrator.
    • Available Users. All users in the current instance.
    • Available Levels. All levels to which you have access and any parents and ancestors of these levels.
      To select non-adjacent recipients from the list, press down the CTRL key, and then select the recipients. To select a range, select the first recipient in the range, press down the Shift key, and then select the last recipient in the range.
  4. In the Cc field, select any recipients that you want to copy on the email.
  5. If necessary, modify the default subject. The field is pre-populated with "Adaptive Insights Report: Name of Report".
  6. If necessary, modify the default message. 
  7. Select the Send a copy to myself check box to receive a copy of the email you are sending.
  8. Select Send.
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