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Create a Snapshot of a Report

Explains how to create a snapshot of a report to capture information for a specific moment in time.

A snapshot is static image of a dashboard, chart, or report.

A Snapshot report is a saved copy of a report at a particular point in time. You can snapshot Matrix and Model reports in HTML, ExcelTM, and PDF formats as well as Report Books. This option provides a way for you to archive a report so that any report data, including annotations is unaffected by structural changes in your instance.

Create a Snapshot of a Report

If you are creating a snapshot of an HTML report that has a parameterized level and you have access to multiple levels, you will see the Include all levels: option. By default, creating a snapshot only saves the data that is currently presented in the report. Checking this option allows you to capture a snapshot of the entire organization structure so that you can view the data and annotations for any levels to which you have access.

From a snapshot, you can run report to get a report based on the latest set of data.

To create a snapshot:

  1. From the report list, right-click a report and select the Create Snapshot option from the report context menu.

When viewing an HTML report, you will see the Save As Snapshot in the toolbar and you can create the Snapshot report by clicking this button as well. When you do this the Save As Snapshot dialog will appear.

  1. In the Name: field, specify the report name. By default, the name of the report you are copying is populated in this field and you can update it. The name that you specify here appears in the Report Details Panel.
  2. Populate the Description: field. This field is optional and the text entered here will appear when a user hovers over the name of the report in the Report Details Panel.
  3. Specify the type of Snapshot report you are creating in the Snapshot Type: field. You can choose HTML, PDF, ExcelTM, or ExcelTM Template (this only appears if there is a template attached to the report you are copying).

This option is not available for report books.  They are always output to a ZIP file.

  1. Choose to save the report as a personal or shared report in the Save As: field and the folder in which you want to save the report.
  2. If you are saving the report as a Personal report, skip to the next step. If you are saving the report as a Shared report, specify whether you want to share the report with all levels or specific levels and if you want to only share it with user who have Salary Detail access.
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