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Access and View Reports

Explains how to browse and search for reports and view them.


Click Reports from the navigation menu to see your favorite reports listed on the submenu. Click any report to view it. Or, click Overview to see all your reports. 

Reports Overview Page

1 Search: Enter keywords and press enter.  A Search Results folder appears as the last folder in the left Folder pane and all reports with titles that match your search term are listed in the right pane. These remain in the Search Results folder until you conduct another search. 

2 Folders pane (left pane):  Expand and collapse folders to find reports. Click on a folder and the reports saved there are listed in the Reports list. 

3 Reports list (right pane): View a list of reports within a selected folder. Click the report to view it, or right-click to select actions from the context menu.

Folders Pane

The default folders can't be deleted or renamed, but you can create subfolders within Personal and Shared reports. Default folders include: 

  • Favorites:  To add reports to your favorites, right-click on any report and click Add to Favorites
  • Personal Reports: Any report you create saves to Personal Folders by default. You can copy any report to this folder by saving as when the report is open or by selecting Copy to Personal Folder from the right-click menu
  • Shared Reports: Contains reports created by others that were shared with you and reports you have shared with others.
  • Reusable Reports: Contains reports that you or others have saved as reusable.

Use the expand or collapse icon next to Personal or Shared folders to navigate any subfolders and browse for reports. 

Create New Subfolders

To create a new folder: right-click on either Personal Reports or Shared Reports and click Add New Folder. Enter a name for the new subfolder and press Enter. 

Folders in the Shared Reports will be visible to any user with access to reports. 

Report Toolbar

Once you click a report, you can view the data on it. You also have several options you can use from the toolbar. For matrix reports available options, see  Matrix Report Viewer. For model and transaction reports, the following options are available:

Options Icon
Return: Return to undrilled report state. reportViewerBack.png
Save: Save the report. reportViewerSave.png
Save As: Make a copy of the report and save it under a new name. saveAs.png
Save as Snapshot: Save a snapshot of the report in its current state. saveAsSnapshot.png
Modify Report: Edit the report. modifyReport.png
Filter Report. Create filters to view report results that meet a specific criteria. reportFilter.png
Printable View: Export the report as an Excel file suitable for print­ing. reportPrintableView.png
Export Report: Export the report as Excel or PDF. exportReport.png
Share Report: Email recipients a link to the report.  Share Report icon
Freeze/Unfreeze Headers: Toggle between frozen headers (which do not move as you scroll through the report) and unfrozen headers (which move as you scroll). unfreezeHeaders.png
Show Information: Show the report’s version, currency, and any other information. hideInformation.png
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