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Reference: Toolbar Buttons in Reporting

Describes the report builder toolbar and the options available for each button.

This reference describes the icons available from the Matrix, Model, and Transaction Report Builders.



Report Type


Save: Save the report. Click the menu (arrow icon) and choose to:

  • Save (default). If report was previously saved, immedi­ately saves the report. Otherwise, opens the Save As dialog for you to set the save as options.

  • Save as: Rename the report and change output, shar­ing options, and location.

  • Save and run. Saves changes and runs the run based on the default output settings. If this is a first time save, a Save as dialog appears before running the report.

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Run: Runs the report. Click the menu (arrow icon) and choose the format for running the report.

  • Run as HTML: Runs the report and displays generated report in the same window.

  • Run as HTML in a new window: Runs the report and displays the generated report in a new window

  • Run as Excel: Runs the report and opens a dialog to save the report as an ExcelTM file.

  • Run as PDF: Runs the report and downloads the report to your desktop as a PDF file.

Matrix, Model,


Show Sheets: Hide or display the Spreadsheet Tab axis at the bottom of the page for repeating reports.



Filters: Narrow a report to a particular subset of data.

Model, Transaction


Manage report properties, including display properties such as adding vertical lines, numbering the rows, showing a total row count and/or suppressing empty columns.

Display tab:

  • Title: Create or change report title. The report title appears at the top of the generated report. The title does not change the report name.

  • Line notes: show in column, as footnote, inline, hide (Matrix Reports)

  • Show total rows at bottom

  • Show dimension column headers

  • Repeat row labels in Excel

  • Show report information (Excel tab names in the top row of repeating reports)

  • Show account codes

  • Show vertical lines

  • Show logo: Shows logos in Excel exports for Matrix Reports.

  • Suppress empty columns

  • Suppress rows if all zeros or blanks

  • Show splits in accounts

  • Suppress rollups: Conceals rollups of expanded ele­ments. If checked, it also hides expand/collapse con­trols in HTML reports.

  • Freeze row and column headers (HTML only)

  • Show row numbers

  • Allow drill down (Matrix Reports)

  • Allow rows to be expanded (Matrix Reports)

  • show cell notes (Matrix Reports)

Style tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Column width in pixels.

  • Headers font styling, an data font styling.

Conditional Formatting tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Apply changes to formatting based on values in the report.

Numbers tab (Matrix Reports):

  • Specify how zeros display.

  • Select precision.

  • Select a thousands separator.

  • Select a magnitude.

  • Preview the numeric format.

  • Select the negative number format.

Print Parameters tab:

  • Set up print parameters for Excel and PDF report out­put, including page size and orientation, scaling, color printing, margins, and number of copies.

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Edit Properties: Edit the properties of the selected element in the report design area:

  • Rename tab: Rename the column title.

  • Display tab: Define the presentation of the element, such as column width, header.

  • style, and body style.

  • Display Date Format: Define the presentation of a date element. This tab is available only for date elements.

  • (Transaction Reports only) Currency tab: Select a cur­rency type. Available on total rows for numeric values with a currency.

Matrix, Model, Transaction



Move left, Move right: Move the selected element right or left to change order a column appears in the report.

(Matrix and Model Reports only) Move up, Move down: Move the selected element up or down from any row but the first. You can only move the element within the associated tier.

Matrix, Model, Transaction


Delete: Remove the selected element from the report.

Matrix, Model, Transaction

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