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Explore Cell is Unavailable

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I have a Matrix report with the "Make Report Explorable (HTML Reports only)" option enabled. Why can I drill into some numbers on the report, but not others?


Report numbers cannot be explored in HTML if: 

  1. Numbers are aggregates of more than one coordinate (version/account/level/time) in the system except account/level/time rollups. 
  2. Coordinates which are filtered with more than one dimension value for a single dimension where the dimension values that have been used in the filter do not map to a single rollup value for that dimension. This includes standard version/account/level/time) as well as custom dimensions. The one exclusion to this rule is for a version/account/level/time coordinate that has multiple splits associated with it. In such a case, you would be able to explore the number if a set of custom dimension filters (one or more) are provided with single dimension values as qualifiers. 
  3. (Only) and (Any) values will not be explorable. 
  4. The number is of "% of Account" type. 
  5. The number is a report calculation number (e.g. custom calculation, subtotal, or difference element). 
  6. YTD or QTD elements.
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