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Create a Text Chart

Explains how to create a text chart in the Discovery new user interface.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

A text in a dashboard can provide guided assistance,  usage notes, or general information or notes about visualizations displayed on the dashboard.

Text Chart Example

The text in a Text chart remains static and does not vary based on perspective context or time changes.

Basic Steps

  1. Click Edit Edit to put your dashboard in edit mode.
  2. On the left panel, click Chart tab to choose a chart. Drag and drop Text Chart Text Chart from the Charts in the left panel into the dashboard. 
  3. Give the text chart a name in Appearance Settings Appearance Settings.
  4. Click Data Settings Data Settings and enter your plain, HTML or markdown formatted text in the Content area.
  5. Click Done Done.

Text Formatting

The following text formatting can be set in a text chart with HTML or markdown:

  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Font family
  • bulleted and numbered lists

Only markdown and HTML source code related to formatting text are allowed within the content area. JavaScript, and other non-formatting related source code are stripped out once you click Done.

Formatting Examples

Example HTML for a text chart.

<p>Market segmentation analysis. Shows distribution of TAM and corresponding scores across segments.</p>

Example markdown for a text chart.


Market segmentation analysis. Shows distribution of TAM and corresponding scores across segments.

Below is a screenshot showing 1 a text chart in edit mode with its corresponding 2 markdown formatting in the data settings content area.

Text Chart - Data Settings - Markdown formatting

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