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Send a Perspective Snapshot

Explains how to create a snapshot and share a PDF of the dashboards and charts in the perspective with others.

A snapshot is static image of a dashboard, chart, or report.

Use snapshots to:

  • Send an email to remind others to review dashboards
  • Keep track of data changes over time

You can take a snapshot of a perspective, including dashboards and charts, and send an email to others who have access to Discovery. The email has a link to create and download the snapshot as a PDF in the downloads folder on your computer.

The following is an example snapshot of the Executive Summary perspective with a landscape orientation. Charts are organized under their dashboards.

Example of a Perspective Saved as a PDF

All snapshots are saved as PDFs with the file name of the perspective. When preparing to send the snapshot, you can change the orientation and page size. The contents of the snapshot will scale to fit the PDF format.

Before You Begin

  • Required permission for you and people who will receive the snapshot: Access Discovery. Shared access to a perspective is not required to create a snapshot from the email link.
  • Create a perspective with dashboards and charts. 

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Discovery to display the perspective overview.

Send a Snapshot

  1. Send an email with a link to the snapshot:
    • Perspectives Overview in grid DIS-matrixMode.png or list DIS-ListView.png view. Hover your mouse over the perspective, click the More icon moreIcon.png and choose Send snapshot.
    • Within the perspective. Click the Snapshot icon Snapshot icon from the toolbar in view mode.

An email dialog displays.

  1. Add people who will receive a link to the snapshot.
  2. Optional. Add a plain text message. 5,000 character limit.
  3. Send a copy to yourself (default). Switch this option off if you do not want to get a copy.

If you add yourself to receive this email and set Send a Copy to Me to off. You will receive an email of the snapshot.

  1. Choose a PDF format:
    • Orientation: Landscape (default) or Portrait.
    • Page Size: Letter (default), Legal, A4, A3
  2. Click OK to send.

View the Snapshot

Check your email and open the message saying that a snapshot was shared with you. Click Open Snapshot to download the perspective as a PDF to your computer. You must be logged in to Adaptive Insights to download. If you are not logged in, the login page displays.

A message indicates that snapshot is downloading. You can also click Open Perspectives to go to the Perspectives Overview.

Message indicating that the Perspective is downloading

Check your downloads folder on your computer and look for the perspective saved as a PDF:

Example of Snapshot in a Downloads Folder

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