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Allow Customer Support Access

If you are working with Adaptive Insights customer support, you may need to provide access so the customer support technician can log into your system. The default option is to have sup­port staff access blocked (for security reasons). You can enable support staff to access your Discovery files. You maintain full control of when support staff can access the sys­tem.

Note: You must have the Administrative role if you are using Discovery Profes­sional or CPM or the Administrator role in Discovery Enterprise to be able to enable or disable customer support access.

To enable customer support access:

  1. Click Options at the top of the screen and select Discovery Settings. (If you don’t have the appropriate role, this option does not appear on the drop-down.) The Discovery Settings editor appears.
  2. Check Enable Support Access to enable support access.
  3. Click Close.

After you enable support mode, customer support staff can add themselves as necessary to provide assistance. You can disable support at any time to immediately disable access to your files for support staff. The next time you enable support mode, support staff retains any dashboards and dials they previously created.

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