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Reference: View and Presentation Options

Describes options available when viewing or presenting charts on dashboards, like refreshing data, drilling down into data, or exploring details.

Available options when viewing charts in Grid or Presentation mode:

You Can Grid Mode Presentation Mode

Browse the contents of a dashboard. Click dashboard tabs to view charts in each dashboard. 

Use the left arrow icon or right arrow icon to scroll left or right to view more dashboard tabs.  Arrows display only when scrolling is needed to see all dashboards. 


Browse and choose charts to present by scrolling through the left panel or using keyboard.  

Keyboard method: Use the spacebar to go to the next chart or use the keyboard arrows to navigate through the charts.

Refresh data. Click Refresh Data Icon on toolbar
Show chart in full view. Hover mouse over chart and click Chart Full View Icon to show chart in full view.  
Download image of chart. Hover mouse over chart and click More Icon to  show more options. Click Download Image.  
Download  image of dashboard. Hover mouse over dashboard tab and click More Icon to  show more options. Click Download Image.
View data point summary information. Hover mouse over a data point and right-click.
Explore data point details with Cell Explorer. Click data point and choose Explore Data from the dropdown.  
Drill down into data point. Click data point and choose a  dimension from the drop-down.  
Change perspective context. 
Change chart time range.
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